Presidio Picnic Returns and it’s Time to Get Your Picnic On!

First of all, I am sorry that it’s been too long since my last post – the end of a crappy year, the Election, life…I needed a break, needed to focus on other stuff, but here I am to kick off Spring with a new story and there will be more to come throughout the coming seasons!

My first job in San Francisco 16 years ago was with the San Francisco International Film Festival whose offices are housed in the Presidio. It was a glorious place to work what with the lush grounds, beautiful old houses and buildings, the smell of eucalyptus and the views of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge.  Yet, not many people went to the Presidio – it was too far and there wasn’t enough “to do” there back then.  Since then, there have been so many wonderful upgrades to the roads, grounds and buildings as well as wonderful additions to the Presidio including art installations by Andy Goldsworthy, updated and improved walking trails and several wonderful restaurants and the Presidio Picnic!

The Presidio Picnic, in it’s fifth season and sponsored by The Presidio Trust and Off the Grid is a quintessential Bay Area food-centric, family and dog-friendly event that kicked-off this past Sunday, March 19th and runs each Sunday through October from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

This event has a variety of activities for people of all ages but as this is a food and drink blog, I am going to keep my focus to the matters at hand, starting with the food vendors:  New to Presidio Picnic this year are Arepa, Belgian Frites, BiRite, Farm Stand Lemonade, Hookt Mini Doughnuts, Jackrabbit, Falcon, Marla Bakery, Ocean Oyster Company, Senor Sesig and True Jerky. Returning vendors for the 2017 season of Presidio Picnic include: Ceviche & Co., Cochon Volant, Del Poppolo, DUM Truck, Early Bird Tacos, El Sur Empanadas, Fine & Rare, Grilled Cheez Guy, Little Green Cyclo, Nopalito, Sam’s Chowder, Slightly Skewed, Tex Mex, The Whole Beast, and Wing Wings.

They are also offering something very cool this season; groups over 5 people have the option to Pre-Order food and beverages in advance from select vendors, so you can focus on showing up and finding your spot on the lawn and not waiting in line for your food! To learn more about Pre-Order, visit

This past Sunday we were treated a wide swath of yummy victuals and drink starting with a fresh and spicy pre-mixed Bloody Mary and a well-balanced, fruity, not too sweet and refreshing Sangria.  These and other wines, sparkles and beer are available at the Bar tents on the picnic grounds.

There are so many food offerings, it may take the entire season of Sundays to try everything but on this day our stand-out favorites (among lots of great food) were the selections of breakfast tacos from Early Bird Tacos, which went quite well with the Bloody Mary (especially the taco with bacon and guacamole!).  I definitely suggest pre-ordering a box of these to start off your morning and take care of last night’s hangover!  Whatever you do save room for a smoked turkey leg from The Whole Beast! Brined overnight and smoked on-premise, this is no turkey leg like you may have had at Disneyland. No, this is The Shit! Weighing in at about 3 pounds each and costing $13 there’s enough meat on these bad boys to share between 2-3 people. Be sure to add their amazing potato salad for another $3!

As I said, there is just SO much good food available at the picnic, so I suggest you go in larger groups and all order something different and then share OR share a few of the Pre-Order boxes and share those. No matter what, you need to get to the Presidio and enjoy an amazing day of food, drink, family and fun brought to you by the amazing people at the Presidio Trust and Off The Grid.

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