Cafe Eugene Brings Daily Brunch and the Best Bloody Mary to Albany

Cafe Eugene has brought us daily brunch (and the best Bloody Mary) to Solano Avenue in Albany!

Now, I am typically not much of a Brunch guy and I refuse to wait in line for eggs but Cafe Eugene brilliantly offers reservations for Brunch – a rarity among Bay Area Bruncheries.  It also should be noted that they serve Brunch every day so you don’t have to wait for the weekend to indulge!

Bloody Mary!

As for me, I indulged on a cozy, gray morning, head sluggish from the night before, so it was a no-brainer that I started with a House Bloody Mary made with chili vodka, tomato, carrot, horseradish, hot sauce, worcestershire, thyme, lemon and garnished with a small meal of pickled and fresh vegetables for $11. Often, I find Bloody Mary’s to not be spicy enough nor boozy enough, but, let me tell you, these are both, and it was so good, I just HAD to have a second one!

brunch, biscuit

Biscuit and Gravy for Brunch

brunch, grits

Grits with Tomatillo for Brunch

No-brainer #2: Housemade biscuit with pork & duck sausage gravy –  $9. I mean, what do I really even have to write about this? Just look at the picture! Well, I will emphasize that the biscuits are off the hook flaky and not dry and the gravy, which can often be like glue, was a perfect consistency and well-balanced with season. In fact, I almost asked for a pint glass of the gravy on its own, but before I had the chance, the server accidentally brought a second serving of this dish, but didn’t take it away, so more for ME!

I also ordered the cheesy grits with tomatillo braised pork shoulder, chayote, butternut squash, wild herb sauce & a poached egg – $17.  This looked and smelled amazing when presented to the table and the first bites were pretty awesome but I soon found myself disappointed by the lack of pork in this dish and found it to have too many grits out of balance with the rest of the dish. Not a great value for $17.

The service here should be noted as exemplary without being overbearing and with a total lack of hipster attitude that is so often the case at the latest (trendiest) spots in the Bay Area.

I will most definitely return to Cafe Eugene for Brunch, but will likely be back sooner to try one of their house cocktails at Happy Hour, followed by something that will certainly be yummy from their dinner menu.


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